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Redken Rough Paste 12

Redken Rough Paste 12

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Create that edgy, moveable style with Redken's Rough Paste 12. This long lasting, leave-in paste enhances hair texture, enabling styling of ragged, deconstructed styles. This hair paste will help create styles with movable separation on all hair types.

  • Deconstruct your hairstyles, creating ragged-high texture looks with moveable separation
  • Medium leave-in control paste
  • Deconstructs with rough, ragged texture and moveable, lasting separation
  • Provides definition and manageability with texturizing, flexible control
  • Suitable for curly hair, wavy hair or straight hair
  • Stays pliable so you can rework styles

How To Use- Rub a small amount in hands and apply on damp or dry hair. For a stronger texture effect re-apply and layer as desired. Use with your customized hair styling regiment.